Work in progress...

Summer is here & Khaos is in full swing! I've already edited and recorded more stuff which are just waiting to be mixed and heard by all you loyal followers of mine...In addition to that I've uploaded another track from the rehearsals with Kutna Hora. I say it's not our best performance of the track, but the only recording we've apparently done together of this track, so I've uploaded it anyway.
Stay tuned for updates!

To all of you who missed the latest gig...

Yes, I mean You. You deserve severe punishing...possibly in the form of skinning you alive and then roasting you slowly over open flame...Alas, I am not that cruel hearted, so instead I've uploaded some photos and footage from the Black Metal Blasphemy gig which was held on the 13th of June @ The Koro TA. Check out the "Photos" and "Videos" sections above.


P.S And you better attend the next Khaos gig, or else...

Facebook page reminder

For all you newcomers to my blog, here's the project's facebook page
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Thank you friends!

I intended to wait with this post till I'll have the video and photos from yesterday's gig up on the project's blog and Youtube channel, but I just couldn't wait to tell you how great all of you were yesterday and how greatful I am to all the people who made yesterday into the glorious event it was.
Special thanks and hails of honour go to:
Kutna Hora, who initiated the event and invited all the wonderful musicians who performed with us yesterday. If not for their invitation, Khaos might have never gone live, not to mention the fact that I might have missed this great experience. I was moved again by their professional dedication to the art of Black Metal which manifested in every detail of yesterday: from the thorough and professional sound settings and tuning of the instruments before the show, to the stage props (which truly contributed a lot to the electrifying atmosphere of their show), makeup and stage costumes. As I've said in my previous post here, the sincerety and dedication of this band to the perfection of the art restores my faith in the future of Black Metal, and truly makes my day. Keep Black my dear friends!

Magor, for their terrific and highly professional performance. I haven't seen them live before yesterday, and I realized I was missing out a lot! These guys are pure gold! I could hear almost every nuance in their music despite the not-so-great acoustics of the Koro. This isn't a trivial thing for an extreme metal band playing live. These guys also prepared us guests and performers a sweet surprise in the form of a chocolate birthday cake with the Magor logo on top! (some of the guys in the band were celebrating their birthdays in June...) Hell, it even had sprinkles on top, proving once more that even the toughest BMers can have a sweet side (and tooth)!

Eternal Decay, for giving us once more the privilage to bask in their pure symphonic goodness, for filling the Koro with their majestic, festive sound, making me believe, at least for a while, that I was standing amid a great medieval feast. You guys manage to make me feel warm and happy after every show of yours I have the honour to attend. Also thanks to Keyboardist Bendor & the other guys for their kind words afterwords. I'm looking forward toward working with you Bendor! 
All of You who came, for being such an awesome audience, for supporting me during the show and for all the kind words afterward. Hails to you friends!
The Koro Club, for hosting the event,  

and last but not least
My Dear Husband, for his infinite faith in and support of Khaos, for arriving despite his busy schedule, for videotaping the event, and for being there for me. It made me smile to watch him headbang and air guitar by my side during Magor's gig. I felt so happy to finally share the experience of "my" music with him, and see him enjoying himself despite the slight difference in our musical backgrounds. I love you!

In conclusion, yesterday's event was a great success! May Khaos experience many such great moments in the future...

Pictures from latest rehearsal

Here's a special little treat for everyone to enjoy...I haven't mentioned this in my last post, but yesterday we had a friend over at the rehearsals, who took these photos of us...

!Making silly faces while singing...check

Try not to laugh at the gig...

Yes, I'm wearing a blue tunic to a BM rehearsal. I've noticed that too. I like blue tunics. Deal with it ;-)

Recording from rehearsals

It's been well into four weeks Kutna Hora and I are rehearsing together, and yet for some reason (and in a not entirely unexpected manner), I haven't done a single update about it. So here it comes...

First and foremost, I was totally blown away when I first heard my tracks performed live, with real drums, proper amps and equipment in a professional environment. Finally, I could hear the music like I heard it in my head when I wrote it down...But this time, it wasn't in my head, but in my ears, guts and bones. I owe much of this experience to the talented guys in Kutna Hora who also turned out to be really great guys! It always warms my heart to meet people who are so serious and enthusiastic about Black Metal as I am. Kutna Hora guys, thanks for giving me the opportunity to work with you, because I'm enjoying every moment. Our rehearsals always leave me in a good mood and with lots of faith and hope in both our bands and Black Metal in general.

So, here's just a taste of what's you'll be hearing on the 13th of June.   


Upcoming gig with Kutna Hora & more

A lot has been happening since my last update...
First and foremost, new tracks! I've only recently come to edit and mix a great deal of the raw material recorded in the summer, the results of my work are already available on the project's soundcloud. The materials include a BM version I've written to a song called Ha'ish Shebakir, originally performed by local artist Shimshon Bar Noi (I've posted the original version below). This track also features amazing clean vocals by my talented session musician and friend Avi Shmilo and also Bass and some beautiful violin touches by dear friend and musician Mark (Thanks for the great work guys!). Also up new is a re-release version of Theloe. I've decided to take down the old recordings and post only their re-release versions when they're done since the old versions does not portray the project's sound as I want it to be: my recording and editing skills have advanced since the old versions...The old Youtube videos will remain for the time being, but will eventually be replaced as well. 
Last but not least, Lo Mutar Ha'adam is a new original release.

Second, yet nevertheless important news: Khaos will be hosted by the mighty Kutna Hora at the BLACK METAL BLASPHEMY gig they'll be doing together with Eternal Decay (which I've mentioned in this blog before) and Magor. Links to all the bands' websites are in the Facebook event.
Speaking of Facebook, I'll be launching the project's Facebook pace in the coming days, so stay tuned for more updates.